MelDoc was built by physicians, for physicians to connect the medical community. MelDoc is a “Doctors virtual personal assitance”, Our platform provides a unique place to manage practise, learn, unite, share, and be heard. Within MelDoc, doctors manage their day to day activities and focus on what matters the most. It’s a fun, secure, and relaxing place where doctors can speak without repercussions. No other physician community provides anonymity, making us a unique community for honest peer-to-peer conversations with fellow doctors.

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Work Smart

Hospitals & Clinics

Enhance your productivity by automating and keep track of most of your daily tasks at multiple hospitals and clinics. Set your availability for consultations, which is reflected on profile page.


Track your upcoming and past appointments in real-time as it happens. Manage your appointments by rescheduling or cancelling the appointments. Automated messages are sent to the patients and the clinics or hospital about rescheduling or cancellation.


Securely maintain case study of your procedures used for diagnosis, or treat diseases or injury’s. We provide tools to take notes, upload pictures, documents video and audio files to keep your case study up-to date.

Analytics & Summary

Discover yourself and your practice with the help of amazing tools to uncover the outcomes of your practices and strategize your practice for better outcomes. Track your earnings, consultations & procedure & generate periodic reports for self-analysis.

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UP-Skill & Grow

Connections & Networking

Grow your global network and referral base with reliable & outstanding fellow doctors. Be part of an exclusive club of verified, outstanding physicians: no pharma, no patients, only real doctors with real names.


Get reliable answers & second opinions from fellow doctors. View and engage in insightful medical discussions. Collaborate and create your own private group of trusted experts & collaborate privately.

Journals & Publications

Showcase your work and increase your reputation across countries. Share your knowledge and give back to the medical community. Options to share among pears and public or it can be locked from public view.

Conferences & CME

Enrich your knowledge with latest developments in the field of medicine. Stay informed about upcoming conferences, purchase professional conferences, keep track of CME points and upload attended conferences.

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Priorities Yourself

Leave plan

Planned leave or emergency unplanned leave, we are hear for you to help manage your practice. We have automated systems to take care of your appointments in rescheduling and cancelations of appointments.

Work details & Documents

With the help of our cloud and encryption technologies, safely Store your documents of qualifications, accreditations, Work experience and Government Ids and can be accessed any time any ware at your fingertips.


Unfortunately, human error cannot be eliminated and doctors are exposed to the risk of claims, with MELDOC secure your practice with Professional indemnity and other insurances, never miss paying for or renewing your insurance policies.

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With MelDoc, you finally have an assistant that will help you make your practice sustainable and expand your skill set-without compromising on your personal life.